This is my collection of POI-files for the awesome GW2TacO.

To use them, just copy the contents of the ZIP-files to the POIs folder of your GW2TacO-installation. Usually the ZIPs contain one XML and one (or sometimes multiple) PNG-file. The XML should end up in the POIs-folder and the PNG in the POIs/Data-folder.

After installing any of my files you’ll find a few new submenus in GW2TacO’s Filter Displayed Tactical Markers menu.

Please Note

Most of the markers are listed by the name of the achievement. The number behind the name (123) is the number of markers in the file and usually equals the number of tasks you got to complete for certain achievements. If the number is higher, it usually means that there are "helper-markers" in the file to make things easier. Normally, those helper-markers will only show up if you are near them!

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